Webcast: Unlocking The Role of Experiential Learning in Creating Leaders of Tomorrow
Unlocking The Role of Experiential Learning in Creating Leaders of Tomorrow
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THURSDAY, JUNE 08th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Unlocking The Role of Experiential Learning in Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

Whether you are a first-time manager or an existing leader looking for motivation, leadership is about creating purpose and culture of growth within the organisation. Today, learning is not restricted to just content, structure and the technology used to support it. But to address personal goals and challenges to build a connection with learners. The learning methodology and medium is important to achieve the desired learning experience and impact.

Immersive methodologies that are hands on, tailor-made programmes combined with personalised coaching are the quintessential approach to building leadership needed in the ever changing world we live in. To leverage the full potential of experiential learning, People Matters in association with Leadership Trust, will deep dive into leadership development and find the connection between leadership and business skills needed to navigate through challenging times through an exclusive virtual session.

Things it will cover:

1.Learning methodology to identify and exhibit leadership capabilities and behaviours

2.Role of experiential learning in developing a culture of success for all stakeholders within the organisation

3.Strategies to unlock individual potential and contribute to business success

4.How to align personal goals with business objectives at various stages of leadership journey

5.Importance of personalised learning programmes and its impact on leadership management

6.Business benefits of professional leadership coaching- personalised experience, scalable development, measurable impact and credible guidance

Our Speakers
Eric Gregoire
Eric Gregoire

Chief Executive Officer, Goodpack IBC Pte Ltd

Robin Ancrum
Robin Ancrum

Leadership Trust, Course Director, Coach and Facilitator

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