Webcast: Why Retention Should be the Core of Your People Strategy
Why Retention Should be the Core of Your People Strategy
THURSDAY, JUL 23rd | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
People Strategy: Here’s what your retention toolkit should look like

Every organization needs skilled workers - but there's a shortage. With the effect this is having on many industries and regions, organizations are (rightfully so) turning their focus to upskill from within

Focusing on moving your workers around builds the adaptability and agility that your workforce needs to remain competitive in an evolving market, while showing employees you’re invested in their career growth.

Chris Milligan, VP of Career Mobility at Degreed, will share his process to building a skills-based culture where employees are at the center of the talent mobility strategy.

Join this session to gain insights on:

  1. Why is talent retention critical?
  2. How to create a talent mobility strategy?
  3. The value of a skill-based, people-first culture
  4. How to mobilize employees from within your organization to remain competitive?
Our Speaker
Chris Milligan
Chris Milligan

VP of Career Mobility

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