Webcast: Winning EX Strategies to Maximise Business Returns
Winning EX Strategies to Maximise Business Returns
LIVE Webcast
Thursday, May 11th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM SGT
Winning EX Strategies to Maximise Business Returns

The employer-employee relationship is changing with greater emphasis on employee expectations today. While designing a meaningful and impactful EX is fundamental for both engagement and retention, it can also play an invaluable role in organisational success in the current economic scenario. Leading companies today recognise that investing in EX will undoubtedly pay dividends across the business - from enhanced productivity, greater innovation to a maximised value from existing technology investments.

Implementing the right technologies and tools is critical to improve EX and impact business performance. Nurturing human capital through people-focused tech solutions can help accomplish business goals faster. To support organisations in this journey of elevating their EX for business with the right strategy and solutions, People Matters in partnership with ZingHR brings you this exclusive webcast where industry leaders will share their expertise and insights.

  • What are the key EX trends that will impact organisational practices?
  • How can we empower leaders to keep a pulse on shifting employee expectations?
  • What should we prioritise when investing in HR tech to improve EX?
  • How can we leverage HR Tech to design seamless workflows and heighten productivity?
  • How can we align our EX strategies to accelerate business impact and unlock innovation?
  • Our Speakers
    Rajat Luthra
    Rajat Luthra

    Chief Operating Officer - Southeast Asia, ZingHR

    Shenton Sng
    Shenton Sng

    Vice President of HR, SPH Media

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