People Matters Digital Events - Webcast

List of webcasts

  1. Workplace Accountability System
  2. SAP Webcast
  3. Bridging the divide in Employee Experience 2020
  4. Enhancing employee productivity and performance in times of COVID 19
  5. HR as a pillar for re-mapping skills
  6. Chaos drives opportunity: Reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era
  7. Purpose self-driven organization – A new narrative
  8. Navigating Total Rewards in the New Normal
  9. Chaos drives opportunity: Reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era v2
  10. How to Create a Good Learning Experience
  11. Creating an Internal Mobility Strategy
  12. When Culture Meets Crisis
  13. Role of HR in the new normal
  14. Why Retention Should be the Core of Your People Strategy
  15. How to Create a Reskilling Strategy
  16. PIVOTING IN THE NEW NORM : Learning strategies for an agile tech workforce
  17. Design The Thinking
  18. Re-engineering Culture: Rebuilding the culture structure for business success
  19. Making intelligent learning experience a reality
  20. The state of behavioral learning 2020
  21. manage performance remotely
  22. Beyond Skilling : Building a resilient & collaborative workforce
  23. Leveraging Personal Power Intelligence
  24. Building an engaging culture of learning
  25. Are you in The List Awards 2020: An evening of celebration
  26. Rethinking L D Building capabilities & augmenting training programs during uncertain times
  27. Learning to build a resilient workplace culture
  28. The Culture Advantage Index
  29. Skills for Effective Team Engagement & Alignment in the Virtual World
  30. The Digital Future Of Organizational Learning
  31. Skills for Effective Team Engagement & Alignment in the Virtual World
  32. Skills for Effective Team Engagement & Alignment in the Virtual World
  33. A new (emerging) hybrid workforce model – The impact on learning
  34. Crafting an Enhanced Employee Experience with HR Technology
  35. Building self aware and authentic leaders for the now of work
  36. The state of employee engagement through the pandemic
  37. Preparing for the future of people, workplaces, and businesses
  38. Accelerating the HR transformation efforts in the new world of work
  39. Digital workforce
  40. Harnessing the power of Women Building High performance teams
  41. How 2020 has changed employee experience forever
  42. Alsons Power Case Study
  43. Shaping employee careers and performance for a hybrid world of work
  44. Getting started with the Hybrid Workplace
  45. A new playbook for a new time
  46. Emerging learning models and strategies for a hybrid future
  47. What's next in employee experience
  48. Talent Development post pandemic economy
  49. Employee Engagement through L&D Strategizing for 2021 & Beyond
  50. Managing Distributed Teams What are the challenges
  51. The HR Agenda 2021 Critical Strategies to Prepare for the Future
  52. Your plan of action for a safe return to work
  53. What’s next: How advances in English screening is a recruiting game-changer
  54. Humanizing digital learning
  55. How an early-career HR professional can future-proof their career
  56. Engaging & Productive Virtual Meetings
  57. Remote Performance Conversations
  58. Drive Collective Effort And Meaningful Buy In To Meet Diversity Goals
  59. The new skilling mandate – Bridging learning and practice in a hybrid world
  60. Designing learning for adults: Andragogy, NOT Pedagogy
  61. Women leadership on the winning track / Race to the finish line
  62. Navigating a skills refresh in sales and leadership – Insights from Retail, CG and Pharmaceutical
  63. Induction 2.0: How do you integrate new people in the modern workplace? / Getting young talent ready for employment
  64. The L&D Journey: Think Big, Design Small
  65. Augmented analytics in HR demystified
  66. HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work_Professional Services
  67. Mastering Workforce Dynamics In 2021
  68. Masterclass: Build Winning Teams
  69. Driving performance and careers in the enterprises of tomorrow
  70. HR transformation efforts_Pharma
  71. The Role of Soft Skills
  72. Webinar: Design Thinking & Agile for HR Team
  73. Leadership Assessments: Building blocks of a robust future pipeline
  74. Changing dynamics of Employer Branding in the IT space
  75. Overcoming Unconscious Bias: A roadmap to accelerate your Diversity & Inclusion journey
  76. HR4 Start-ups: Accelerating Business Impact in Start-ups
  77. Rethinking engagement, rewards & feedback for the new normal
  78. Assessing Critical Thinking as Core Workplace Competency
  79. Future ready HR and workforce – Designing a blueprint for learning
  80. Continuous career development/ reboot – How to identify gaps and align learning
  81. How the pharma industry is rewriting its growth story
  82. Re-engineering the skilling ecosystem for the next new
  83. Strategising the Digital HR transformation roadmap
  84. Leadership & Coaching in the Hybrid World
  85. Maximizing employer brand to maximize engagement
  86. Upside LMS & People Matters: Redefining learning for new value with LearnTech
  87. Employee Experience in a Hybrid World
  88. Workforce Planning in the post-COVID Era
  89. The need for One HR to accelerate Digital Transformation across Organization
  90. The CEOs' Dialogue on the S.E.P equation
  91. Performance Management for Hybrid Teams
  92. Direct to Digital Learning
  93. Agile Leadership to Navigate in a Complex World
  94. Dynamic Workplace Dialogues
  95. Innovating the candidate experience for the new talent
  96. Creating Gender Balance: Promoting women at workplace
  97. Demystifying action learning – Design, execution and impact
  98. Liderazgo Agile: la clave para navegar en un mundo complejo
  99. Digital Employee Experience: For the Hybrid World of Work
  100. Closing the skill gap for frontline workers–faster
  101. Evolution of the HRBP in the New World of Work
  102. Role-based learning journeys – Subject matter, curation and roadmap
  103. Role of HR in hiring right for GICs / GCCs
  104. Augmenting skills to mitigate the challenges of the changing workplace
  105. Boosting experience in a hybrid world of work
  106. The missing piece in the EX puzzle_Employee voice
  107. Overcoming Unconscious Bias: A roadmap to accelerate your Diversity & Inclusion journey
  108. Increasing engagement & collaboration with tech
  109. Crossing the rubicon for BFSI Talent: technologists as the dominant force
  110. One HR: Evolving Hybrid Workforce
  111. Importance of Culture of Empathy in the workplace
  112. Elevating the way we identify, measure, and develop talent
  113. From Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership in the workplace
  114. Humanizing Candidate Experience in a Virtual Hiring Environment
  115. Getting better hiring outcomes
  116. Future proof skilling: Leveraging talent, technology and timing for future skills
  117. Remodel performance management
  118. Making Organizations Future-ready through Skills
  119. Agile & Design Thinking for HR Teams
  120. What’s the next curve for a hybrid workplace
  121. HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work
  122. How to remodel performance management to define talent in your organization
  123. Cultivating a Culture of Workplace Empathy
  124. The changing roadmap of leadership - How leaders and managers should get ready for a new world of work
  125. Building talent for the next wave of growth
  126. The A to Z of Testing Before Hiring
  127. Are you in The List Awards 2021: Awards Ceremony
  128. How high-growth companies can win the war for talent
  129. Design Thinking for HR Teams: From Incorporation to Application
  130. Levelling up your EX strategy: Why connection and community matters
  131. OneHR: Diversity is Everybody’s Business
  132. HRBP: Delivering Value For Business Success
  133. Women In Leadership: Leaving No One Behind
  134. A data-driven approach to employee engagement
  135. Dynamic workflow in hiring – How can it help your hybrid workplace hiring efforts?
  136. How to overcome red flags in your communication strategy
  137. How to create a business case for HR transformation
  138. The changing role of HRBP in a Hybrid world of work
  139. Re-architecting work: What changes are we seeing in the market as organisations return to work and the workplace?
  140. Crossing the point of Inflection: Enterprise Change Management made easy
  141. Leveraging Soft Skills in the 'Talent Marketplace
  142. How a leading retail company closed frontline skill gaps with right skilling
  143. Recrafting employee experience for the Indian IT Industry
  144. Innovation that empowers: How to leverage digital tools to jumpstart a great EX
  145. Accelerating business with purpose - Learn for a cause
  146. Tackling offer declines in the landscape of virtual hiring
  147. The role of embedded finance in employee benefits - Recent trends and Challenges
  148. Reimagining EX in 2022 through community and connection
  149. Effective Hiring and Training in a Hybrid work ecosystem
  150. Building Digital Fluency in Organizations
  151. Enabling Organisations to Meet Their Hiring Needs
  152. Navigating the Intersectional Employee Wellness Initiatives
  153. Creating an employee centric learning culture for a hybrid work environment
  154. How can Digital Coaching be the solution to thriving in the hybrid workplace
  155. HR transformation Strategy_SAP
  156. New World of Work_SAP
  157. Skilling leadership for the new world of business
  158. Delivering Business Impact
  159. Building a skilling ecosystem in digital-first companies
  160. Leveraging technology to boost employee health and wellbeing
  161. Rebooting your hybrid HR technology roadmap - The landscape & opportunities with Sanjeev Bajaj
  162. How to empower individual learners towards professional milestones
  163. Solving the conundrum of Great Resignation with EX